When holiday meets relaxation

Alisei Wellness & Spa Centre

Relax in the waters of our whirlpool, try an invigorating Finnish sauna or a rejuvenating Turkish bath, always accompanied by the scents of aromatherapy and the relaxing lights of chromotherapy, while sipping a warm herbal tea in the lounge area.

Dedicate yourself to your sweet wellbe-ing, suspended between stillness and magic

Let yourself be pampered. Upon request and reservation, you have the option of any kind of treatment, to be agreed and evaluated directly with the masseur, even on the spot.

Alisei Wellness & SPA, Massaggi

  • ALISEI DREAMING Wraps you in scents and essences, leading to extreme relaxation
  • AYURVEDA An ancient holistic massage of Indo-Tibetan origin performed using warm oils. Its effectiveness benefits the whole body and mind, bringing lasting well-being and balance
  • RELAXING Combines the benefits of traditional massage with the properties of relaxation techniques that relieve fatigue and stress. It helps eliminate tensions in the body, relaxes the muscles and eliminates stress.
  • CONNECTIVE This is a deep tissue massage, excellent for relaxing muscles, especially for those who practice sports, and also for anyone who accumulate daily stress in the form of muscle tension.
  • LYMPHODRENATING Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing toxins to be eliminated.
  • LOOMI LOOMI This Polynesian massage is practised with the forearms
  • AROMATIC Practised with scented oils
  • GOOD NIGHT After 9 p.m., it helps you reach a state of well-being that promotes restful sleep.
  • REMODELLING ANTI-CELLULITE Dissolves localised fat with gentle but deep manual strokes. It is particularly effective on muscles, by promoting oxygen supply and eliminating toxins.
the sea

Who has never dreamt of a beach house? If you love being so close to the sea that you can smell it, if you see yourself walking along the new Marina Centro promenade with those you love... then you are in the right place. Our hotel is located right in the chic heart of Rimini, with blue all around it.

by the sea

After a good night's rest, you need an energetic charge to greet the sun. 'Good, plentiful and fresh' is how they described our breakfast. And might we add that the buffet with sweet and savoury items is served in the dining hall with a window overlooking the sea: fill your plate with goodness, and your eyes with blue

rooms with
refined taste

The air, the light and the colours of the sea envelop you in a sweet embrace. With their modern and elegant design, our rooms pay attention to detail: comfortable beds, soft towels and balconies with a sea view guarantee a pleasant rest at the end of the day and a great wake up.

But how much you love us!
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