Discover Romagna and fall in love

Rimini is a beautiful postcard, all year round

Autumn tiptoes in and fills the Riviera with the beautiful warm colours of foliage; winter whit-ens the rooftops and gives the sea the power to surprise you, with a different language that speaks of melancholy and hope. Spring is the time of awakening, of blossoming; it makes its way through the city streets with beautiful flow-ers and the first warmth. Summer warms the skin and the heart, with the sun high in the sky and the desire to have sand between your fin-gers. 

What are you waiting for? Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and visit the city, explore the hinterland, let yourself be amazed and excited. Take in the beauty of the area, including festivals, villages, exhibitions and motorbike trips. Connect with nature through long walks with your feet soaking in the shoreline.

Rimini’s manifold faces

Under the Malatesta family, its court was one of the liveliest in the Renaissance period....


Rimini possesses a great architectural and artistic heritage...


It was Federico Fellini - one of the best-known directors in the history of cinema - who made Rimini’s characters...

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